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Disney Channel Fans Secret Santa 2007
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Hello and welcome to dcsecretsanta, This is a community for fans of Disney or the Disney Channel to have a online "secret Santa", the rules and guidelines are below and modled after the community gg_santa. Please make all posts FRIENDS ONLY.


Post your wishlist during November (please follow the instructions below) and you will be given the name of another community member who has also posted their wishlist. And your name will go to someone, and so on, and so on.. Any type of created gift is acceptable to ask for: fanfic, banners, icons, wallpapers, videos, music mixes, Christmas albums, albums in general, videos for ipod, etc. and are not limited to disney channel or disney

NOTE: Posting a wishlist automatically means, that you will have to be a secret santa for someone else.

Join this community, then make a new post containing your wishlist between November 11 and December 7, 2007. Please use the following format:

1. Username:
2. Email address where we can send your giftee(s) (who you have): If you prefer not to post it in public, please email it to us (with your LJ name) at dcsecretsanta@gmail.com.
3. What I want: Be as specific as possible. Graphics? what kind? icons/banners/headers, Music?, fan mix? albums? please be specific. The more specific you are and the more you ask for, the better the odds that you'll get gifts that you've asked for.
4. What I can do: What do you prefer creating? Fic, icons, graphics in general, videos? Help us give you an assignment you'll be comfortable with.
5. What I absolutely won't do: If there's a Person, pairing, that you will not make graphics for or will not write about or you do not have their music or if you think you'll only be able to make graphics, or if you can't make graphics, say so here.
6. Are you willing to provide a backup contribution? Yes or No. We may ask for backup contributors in the event that some Santas can't fulfill their obligations. This will most likely occur in the first week of January. If you are unable or uninterested in being a backup contributor, it's perfectly okay to say no. Please don't say "maybe" or "don't know". Yes or No are the only two answers.

Please Fill Out This Form after reading the above: MAKE YOUR POST FRIENDS ONLY

Please tag your posts in the following formats:

-Wishlists Posts:

wishlist: username, year: 2007

-Gift Posts: (NOTE: gifts can only be posted after the dealine, if you want to give your gift early you must comment anonymously on the post of the person recieving the gift.)

gift: username, year:2007

- Post your wishlist between November 11th & December 7th
- During the first couple of days in December (or sooner), we'll email your santa assignment.
- (optional) Between December 7th & December 23rd, you are allowed to post gifts early to your giftee as a comment in their wishlist entry but the comment MUST be anonymous if it is before the deadline. These have to be anonymous! You don't want your giftee to know who you are before the big day!
- DEADLINE: Starting December 24th until January 5th, post your gift(s) to the community and reveal your identity as well as who the gifts are for. If you won't be online during this time, email your gifts to dcsecretsanta@gmail.com (with the receivers name in the subject line, ex: username's Gift from yourusername ) and we will post if for you before or after December 24th
- After January 5th, we will ask backup contributors for their help so that no one goes without a gift. If you are unable to meet your deadline or post your gift on time (or at all), please let us know.

Gifts should reasonably reflect what was asked for. If someone asks for Icons of Brenda Song, just one icon would probably be a little disappointing. Virtual gifts only! Do not spend money! The purpose of Disney Channel Fans Secret Santa is to share creativity and revel in the generosity of the holiday season.

There will be one post where everyone can share as much or as little christmas music as they want, it'll be fun to see how much we end up with! The christmas music post will be HERE.

Throughout the wishlist posts and deadline, games will be hosted by us mods and you the members. Games such as "Share your favorite holiday memory", "Share your favorite song", "share a manip of your favorite disney star", "List two things you want to know about the person above you", "list christmas songs by people with a Name starting with H", are just a few examples of what games can be played. This community is supposed to be fun so please enjoy it!

heart_secret & secretwhispers

Please email us at: dcsecretsanta@gmail.com with the comment/concern as the title of the email!

our amazing layout is by the even more amazing secretwhispers
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