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11 November 2007 @ 06:47 pm
So I’ll go second, I suppose? =]

By the way, notice the or’s. Haha, I’m not asking for all of this.

1. Username: idio_cynic
2. Email address: farfarbetter.than@gmail.com
3. What I want:
music: anything High School Musical, Ashley Tisdale, Jonas Brothers, or Aly and AJ is lovely [special request for ‘This Is Our Year’, if you have it]
4. What I can do: HSM, LwD, Hannah Montana, Suite Life, and some other non-DC fanfiction [any pairings except the ones listed below]
5. What I absolutely won't do:
fanfiction: slash, incest [stepcest is fine], smut, RPF [nothing against any of these; I just can’t write it well]
other: can’t do graphics or music either
6. Are you willing to provide a backup contribution?